Today’s Headlines

  • Happy Dump the Pump Day, Everybody!
  • Reid: GOP Foot-Dragging on Transpo Bill Is a “Manufactured Crisis” (The Hill)
  • Paul Ryan: No Way No How Are We Raising the Gas Tax (WaPo)
  • A Bridge Collapse in La-La Land: Dems’ Nightmare Steels Their Resolve on 45-Day Bill Timeline (HuffPo)
  • “Queen of the Hill” Rule Could Pave Way for Lesser-Evil Funding Solutions (Roll Call)
  • Senators Propose New Agency Dedicated to Public-Private Partnerships (STL Public Radio)
  • Road Closures Delay Delivery of Stanley Cup Trophy (The Hill)
  • Freddie Gray’s Death Gives Baltimore Red Line New Life (Reuters)
  • New Cost-Sharing Plan Has States Paying More for Amtrak NEC Service (
  • Living in the Heart of DC Could Be Cheaper Than the Outer Suburbs (Mobility Lab)

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