Today’s Headlines

  • The Psychology of Why Driving Turns Us Into Jerks (Slate)
  • How New Jersey Can Lure People Out of Cars (NextCity)
  • Scientist Says Climate Change Contributed to Texas Flooding Disaster (Texas Tribune)
  • “Floating Bus Stops” Can Help Solve Bike-Bus Conflicts (CityLab)
  • Proposal to Hike Tennessee Gas Tax “Not Going Anywhere” (Times Free Press)
  • Maryland County Testing P3 Model for Funding Green Infrastructure (Governing)
  • Self-Driving Google Car Might Not Ever Happen (Slate)


One More Legal Hurdle for Texas Cyclists

In the state of Texas, local authorities continue to chip away the legal rights of bicyclists. Two weeks ago we featured the story of Reed "ChipSeal" Bates, who was convicted of "reckless driving" for exercising his legal right to ride in a travel lane in Ennis, Texas. Now, the town of Bartonville has passed a […]

Today’s Headlines

Gulf oil spill seen in Washington as possibly fatal to the prospects for a climate deal … (Grist) … but that’s not stopping Sen. Kerry (D-MA) from touting his bill’s oil industry endorsements (E&E News) Lawmakers begin admitting that the next long-term federal transport bill will wait … and wait, and wait (JOC) U.S. DOT […]

Transit vs. Highways: Which Came Out on Top in Local Elections?

There were several local ballot measures with big implications for streets and transportation yesterday, and results were all over the map. Here’s how three of the most notable votes turned out. Seattle’s property tax increase to fund walking, biking, and transit Voters have spoken and they decided to enact Move Seattle, the $900 million property tax levy for transportation. […]