Today’s Headlines

  • How Commute Times Affect Public Health (Pacific Standard)
  • Study Finds Sprawl Costs U.S. Economy $1 Trillion Per Year (Planetizen)
  • Working Group: Lack of Transpo Options Hurts Life Prospects in Ferguson (KTRS)
  • NJ Police Chief Scolds Pedestrians After Deaths on Busy Road (Burlington County Times)
  • Australian Transport Officials Release “Level of Service” Guide for All Modes (Austroads)
  • Why Cities Around the World Are Ditching Traffic Lights (Fast Company)
  • Virginia Beach Seeking $155 Million From State for Light Rail from Norfolk (Hampton Roads)
  • Motorists Driving Right Into Cincinnati’s New Protected Bike Lane (Business Journal)

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. It looks like the people in NJ (at least according to the part of the op-ed I could read before the paywall) crossed a busy road against the light. Yes, there should absolutely be a better way for pedestrians to cross, and when drivers don’t yield to pedestrians when pedestrians have the ROW, the drivers are often excused despite not following the rules of the road. BUT, too often, I see pedestrians wonder across wide roads – not every road can be narrow and two-lanes – against the light when drivers like myself, who often are pedestrians and know to look for pedestrians – have the right-of-way to go straight through a green light that’s been green since before we reached the intersection. While better facilities are the ultimate goal, crossing against the light on a wide road like Route 130 as a pedestrian is akin to running a red light across that road as a driver. You’re likely to get hit and you’re putting your life in your hands.

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