Today’s Headlines

  • In GOP Senate, South Dakota’s John Thune Poised to Be Critical for Transportation (Roll Call)
  • Maryland Upset Sees Anti-Rail Hogan Take Governor’s Seat (WaPo)
  • Atlanta Transit Expansion Sees Wide Support at the Polls (AJC)
  • Pinellas County, FL, Chooses Status Quo, Not Light Rail (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Austin Shoots Down $1B Bond for Rail (Community Impact)
  • Many Cities Usher in New Mayors, Liberal Policies (Governing)
  • Top Dem in T&I Committee Loses Longtime Seat (The Hill)
  • Bay Area Voters Embrace Tax Measures to Raise Billions for Transpo (SF Gate)
  • Maryland, Wisconsin Put Transpo Funds on Lockdown (WMDT, Republican Eagle)
  • Democratic Victories in Oregon Senate Could Reshape Transpo Policy (Bike Portland)
  • Seattle Votes for Bus Service Boosts (Seattle Times)
  • LauraG

    New Maryland Governor Larry Hogan isn’t just anti-transit (and anti-tax), he owns a real estate development / services company that, among other things, owns a lot of suburban and exurban land. So he’s a member of class of people who stand to financially benefit from sprawl-inducing roads.