Today’s Headlines

  • Seattle’s Bike-Share System Launches With 500 Bikes (Post-Intelligencer, Slog)
  • Tucson Streetcar Beats Expectations (Clean Technica)
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Has Surprisingly Non-Crazy Idea for Transpo Funding (State Journal)
  • Philadelphia Studies Feasibility of Restoring Transit on Abandoned Line (Next City)
  • Providence TIGER Grant Has Connecticut Thinking About Streetcars (WNPR)
  • What If LA and Dallas Had the Transit That Was Planned Decades Ago? (SCPR, D Mag)
  • DC Mayoral Frontrunner Muriel Bowser Talks Housing, Transit with GGW
  • Here’s How Dallas Plans to Spend $38M in TAP Bike/Ped Money (Star Courier)
  • DC Most Expensive U.S. City Says Survey That Counts Laundry Soap But Not Transportation (WaPo)
  • Why Are We Still Building Streetcars With Overhead Wires? (The Age)
  • The U.S. Needs a Drivers’ Version of This Dutch App that Rewards Phone-Free Biking (
  • lop

    Walker’s ‘non-crazy’ idea is replacing the gas tax with a revenue neutral and allegedly more stable fuel sales tax? So if gas drops to $2 a gallon during a recession the roads budget dries up? And no matter the price of gas comes nowhere close to meeting the funding gap because it’s revenue neutral? Hardly seems useful.