Today’s Headlines

  • NHTSA Endorses, Takes Steps to Regulate Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Technology
  • As Construction Begins, CA HSR Chair Says Everything Is Hunky-Dory (MercuryCap News Radio)
  • “A Major Leap in Public Transit”: Dallas Light Rail Extends to Airport (CBS)
  • Brookings Examines the Lessons Learned from the Failure of Missouri’s Amendment 7
  • Transit Funding Ballot Initiative Ignites Austin Battle Over Rail (KVUE)
  • Rick Scott Runs for Reelection in Florida Promising $230M in Bike Projects (News4)
  • A Call for Drivers Ed to Include Bike Safety (Coloradoan)
  • Why Peak-Hour Bus Lanes Aren’t Enough (Seattle Transit Blog)
  • BlaBlaCar: The French Contribution to True Ridesharing (Bloomberg)
  • What Good Is a Transit Station Without a Public Bathroom? (Crikey)
  • Wrong Again, Joel Kotkin (Grist)

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