Today’s Headlines

  • DC’s Silver Line Is Open for Business (WMATA, U.S. DOT, WJLA)
  • So Is the Tucson Streetcar (APNews Now)
  • Matt Yglesias: DC’s Streetcar Will Actually Make Transit Worse (Vox)
  • Utah Sen. Mike Lee Launched His Devolutionist Bid in Hopes of Headlines Like This (Herald Extra)
  • Would You Pay 13 Cents an Hour for On-Street Bike Parking? (Bike Portland)
  • BART Gets $17.4M For Security (KVTU)
  • Salon Examines the Benefits of Free Transit
  • Why People’s Eyes Glaze When You Talk About “Infrastructure,” Even If You Say It’s “Crumbling” (E&E)
  • A Summer Reading List for Transportation Geeks of All Ages (Book People)

7 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. How is eliminating the Federal role in transportation a bad thing?? Federal Highways were the initiators of sprawl and to this day, mandate wide roads and dangerous subdivisions. Left to local funds, we will see a much different development pattern – a return to the traditional development seen in every pre-war town in the country.

  2. Virtually all “mandates” for wide roads and dangerous subdivisions come from state and local governments. Federal programs like TIGER provide a valuable resource for local governments that cannot receive support from reactionary and/or corrupt state governments beholden to roadbuilding interests. More generally, the federal government has a profound interest in interstate and foreign commerce, and should have the ability to fund transportation projects that will create spillover affects in multiple states.

  3. DHS’ major effect on BART has been to expose thousands of people to human waste by closing bathrooms for vague “security reasons”. We the voters need to press the BART board to stop cooperating with the DHS/TSA thugs, and congress to defund the entire DHS.

  4. Boondoggle, boondoggle, boondoggle. There, I stocked up on some extras in case they’re needed.

    One of the few things George W. Bush got right, in my opinion, was his initial opposition to DHS.

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