Today’s Headlines

  • DC’s Silver Line Is Open for Business (WMATA, U.S. DOT, WJLA)
  • So Is the Tucson Streetcar (APNews Now)
  • Matt Yglesias: DC’s Streetcar Will Actually Make Transit Worse (Vox)
  • Utah Sen. Mike Lee Launched His Devolutionist Bid in Hopes of Headlines Like This (Herald Extra)
  • Would You Pay 13 Cents an Hour for On-Street Bike Parking? (Bike Portland)
  • BART Gets $17.4M For Security (KVTU)
  • Salon Examines the Benefits of Free Transit
  • Why People’s Eyes Glaze When You Talk About “Infrastructure,” Even If You Say It’s “Crumbling” (E&E)
  • A Summer Reading List for Transportation Geeks of All Ages (Book People)