Today’s Headlines

  • White House Releases Report and Nifty Map Detailing Need for Infrastructure Investment
  • …And Obama Will Spend the Week Pushing for It (RTT News)
  • White House Supports GOP Transpo Extension Through May 2015 (The Hill)
  • …While Conservative Groups Slam It (The Hill)
  • 3 DOT Chiefs Outline Impacts of Transport Funding Troubles (ForConstructionPros)
  • Report: Arizona’s Rural Roads Among Deadliest in U.S. (Arizona Republic)
  • Kids and Cars Group Asks White House for Tech Solution to Kids Dying in Hot Cars (Autoblog)
  • Todd Litman Finds Compact Cities Bring a Host of Positive Outcomes (Planetizen)
  • Will Electric Car Drivers Be Any Less Virulently Anti-Bike Than Other Drivers? (EV World)
  • Can We Plan Without Predicting the Future? (Human Transit)
  • Rethinking the Balance Between Farebox and Subsidies (CityLab)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. When neoliberals demand more revenue, it means they have cronies who want a pay raise. NYC’s system has operating overhead well beyond what it takes to move the people it moves. Deal with that first, then raise the fares.

    Railstitute the busiest bus routes, automate, modernize bus boarding procedures, cut train crews in half, reduce or eliminate token booths. All but the first two cost almost nothing up front.

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