The New Way to “Screw Obama” — Poisoning Your Neighbors’ Air

Rolling coal is super fun, if poisoning the planet and endangering everyone else on the road is your idea of fun. Photo: ## Coal and Raisin Hell##
Rolling coal is super fun, if poisoning the planet and endangering everyone else on the road is your idea of fun. Photo: ## Coal and Raisin Hell##

Warning: The crazies are getting crazier.

Behold the new depth to which macho car culture, blatant anti-environmentalism, and Obama hating has sunk. “Coal rollers” retrofit their pickup trucks to “trick” the diesel engines into thinking they need more gas. The result: big, billowing plumes of black smoke — the better to spew at Priuses and pedestrians.

And that’s precisely the point. These coal rollers take fuel-efficient cars and people hoofing it to be agents of Barack Obama himself, and they delight at engulfing them in toxic smoke. And bicyclists? Don’t get them started.

Voactiv exposed this trend to the non-coal-rolling world last month, quoting people like 25-year-old Robbie from South Carolina, who says rollin’ coal is “just fun… Just driving and blowing smoke and having a good time.”

“I’m not a scientist,” Robbie says, “but it couldn’t be too horrible.”

No, not too horrible — just 21,000 premature deaths each year and a cancer risk that is seven times greater than the combined risk of all 181 other air pollutants tracked by the EPA. That’s what the Clean Air Task Force says about diesel. And they are scientists.

Adding a smokestack to make your man machine even manlier (manliness being measured in toxic smoke, remember) will set you back anywhere from $500 to $5,000, depending, I suppose, on how manly you need to make it. And then there’s all the extra gas you’ll be pumping into your rig. But it’s totally worth it, if you hate Obama and the planet enough.

“I run into a lot of people that really don’t like Obama at all,” one seller of stack kits from Wisconsin told Slate’s David Weigel. “If he’s into the environment, if he’s into this or that, we’re not. I hear a lot of that. To get a single stack on my truck — that’s my way of giving them the finger. You want clean air and a tiny carbon footprint? Well, screw you.”

The EPA says coal rolling is illegal. The Clean Air Act prohibits tampering with an emission control device. And purposely suffocating people in a black cloud of poisonous smoke has to be a form of assault. But breaking those laws must just make coal rolling extra delicious to its practitioners.

According to Weigel, it’s a “use-it-before-liberals-ban-it instinct,” akin to the anti-Earth Hour campaign to keep all the lights on, or the anti-Michelle Obama campaign to eat lots of doughnuts.

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  1. Some states have anonymous tip reporting for emissions control violations on motor vehicles. I’m betting this is going on mainly in states which don’t; I suspect trying “rolling coal” in California or New York would net a prison term.

  2. Yeah. Fiscal conservatives are mostly hardcore environmentalists at this point, because it saves money!

    What we’re watching here is something else. Brain-dead reactionary stuff.

  3. You can’t shame the people doing it. There are a lot of people who don’t themselves roll coal, but support the idea, and many who adamantly defend other rights to do this. The purpose of shame and swaying public opinion is to nudge the “moderates” and more apathetic groups, to get more support for outlawing the practice and stepping up enforcement.

    look at the campaigns against drunk driving, or littering.

  4. Find a cyclist to kick their ass. I bet their are plenty on this site who would volunteer. See how embarrassed they are when they as “real men” get trounced by a “liberal wimp”

    p.s. just in case someone doesn’t understand humor, this is just a joke, I do not advocate violence.

  5. It took 20 years for the campaigns against drunk driving to have any real effect. Just looking at the street outside my window, I don’t see that the campaigns against littering have had any effect at all. Meanwhile, this is already illegal in a lot of places. It’s just not the sort of thing legality affects.

    This fad will have passed long before anybody even notices your campaign, but in the mean time, the publicity you give this will push just as many or more into thinking this is “dang cool” as it will into thinking it’s a travesty.

  6. I detect a note of sarcasm, but for anyone who takes “America-hating commie” seriously, I offer two words: “Johnny Cash”.

  7. Oh it is Michigan. It has probably the most lenient auto safety laws in the country. You can have a old, rusty, no floor boards left, toxic cloud spewing, car that barely does 45 downhill. If it has 2 working front lights, turn signals and brake lights, it is legal to drive. It comes from being the car state and auto companies and their experimental vehicles.

  8. The young turks had a statement from a early adopter of these and he said, ”yeah it was fun for a few weeks, then I became bored with it and then realized what a waste of money this is and regretted I even did it.”

  9. Y’all are fucking retarded. I deleted all my emission shit (dpf,cat, muffler) on my 2010 f350 diesel and I get 20mpg instead of 14mpg with the emission bullshit on it. And diesels don’t pollute as much as Prius batteries. There’s plenty of articles to prove it. Google it dumbass’s before y’all start talking shit

  10. It’s against the law in all 50 states and all territories. It is a violation of the Clean Air Act that Richard Nixon signed back in the early ’70s when I was in Jr. High. So, it has been illegal for a very long time.

  11. Glad to know that you broke the law and admit it. Those ’emission shit’ have reduced smog in our cities like LA. So you do not mind when our countries air end up looking like Chinas air and having to wear masks to just go outside. If you think it is just about global warming, you are mistaken. Here is a photo below of a Chinese city on a partly cloudy day, well it would be noticeable if it wasn’t for the smog.

  12. I’m sure you break the law every day by speeding 1mph over the limit or text on your phone while driving. I live in a rural area so not my problem you live in a crowded overpopulated area. It’s your fault if you decide to stay in a city covered in smog.

  13. I’m fine with it. 21,000 more deaths each year…and where do you think that will be taking place? Right in the heart of the problem. Let them kill themselves and rid America of a bunch of ignorant hillbillies.

  14. Well hopefully the cops catch you and give you a 5000$ fine.

    That black stuff you are spewing off goes into your food, water supply and in the air you breath. And this doesn’t just impact you but your neighbors, your family and children. If you want to spew black smoke so much, reroute that black smoke into your own car and close the windows and stop damaging the health of others!

    And by the way, if you actually did a google search, you would find out that thing about the prius battery is a myth. The reason is simple, most of the pollution comes not from manufacturing of cars but driving the car.

  15. Actually, that is a myth. (Unless a super volcano erupts then maybe). But even all volcano eruptions combined in a year produce less CO2 then the human race does in 1 year.

    But this is not the point here, the issue here is not in CO2. CO2 is colorless, notice all that black stuff? By removing the emissions filters your giving of way more than just CO2, you are giving off things like NOx(causes acid rain and smog), O3 (causes lung damage) and other toxic emissions.

    And these toxic emissions are being done right where people live, not thousands of miles way.

  16. Salt Lake city region is a lightly populated area that has bad smog. No it is not BFE, South Dakota, but it is not some crowded overpopulated area. But if you like to wave your little penis around, go right ahead and do it. Just do not do it in my face.

  17. Your ignorance abounds. Attempting to justify your own bad behavior by poiniting it out in others does nothing to support your point and only further illustrates how people such as yourself have no place in a civilized society.

  18. They can’t cause the state I live in doesn’t have emission control laws. Good try tho….

  19. I do not hate trucks, have owned a ram diesel a while back and thinking about getting another truck. I just laugh at morons who waste money on stupidity.

  20. Sure they can, federal law. It is a violation of the Clean Air Act. Now sure the local police can ignore it but hopefully one of them who cares about his neighbors and family will pull you over and hand over your case to a federal agent, you deserve it.

    I know if I see you, I would report you.

  21. My truck doesn’t really roll coal. Only if I have to punch it. I try to run clean tunes on it. People that buy smoke tunes just to roll coal gives us Diesel Enthusiast’s a bad name.

  22. Oh exactly, I think people give Diesel a bad name because of the crappy diesel engines the domestics(GM,Ford, Chrysler) put in cars in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Those engines and many of the old large semi trucks spewed much more garbage than modern cleaner diesel and has set back Americas perception of the technology. Diesel himself design the system to run on vegetable oil and would refuse those that would try to use petroleum base. That changed after his mysterious death.

  23. I don’t think there is a problem with eating organics, but using false science of outdated factoids to justify it on a supposed scientific basis of saving energy is akin to people who go on vegan diets (their right), and then try to use wacky arguments and pseudoscience to allegedly justify why the human body wouldn’t be fit to ingest and digest meat.

  24. So many holes in this article… First off those “scientists” you speak of are EPA’s scientists, of course they are going to find something wrong with things they don’t agree with. Why do you think they work there. And it’s not “gas” it’s diesel. Keep your facts straight please. Yes I agree that there are some idiots out there that like to blow smoke over everything, ruining the good name of the diesel truck. But, those same men and women doing it are also using less fuel. Yes a Prius is fuel efficient but it’s not going to pull a trailer hauling the supplies to build your damn house. It can hardly pull itself. If we say screw obama it’s only because he sucks up to the poor and gives lazy people money. Why get a job when you can call up your neighborhood friendly obama and get a handout. And we aren’t “tricking” our trucks into anything. We are simply throwing away junk programming from the EPA and adding a far more superior and efficient programming, with that being said our “manly man” trucks are burning far less fuel even when they blow smoke. Take a gallon of diesel and go 20 miles in a tuned diesel in 20 minutes or light it on fire and watch it bellow black smoke for an hour. So when an EPA standard vehicle gets a whole 14 mpg how efficient is your protection agency now?

  25. Dpf runs with DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) which is liquid urea. Ever look up how bad that is for you?

  26. First off whoever wrote this article is a dumbass and doesn’t know anything about a diesel truck. Getting rid of all the EPA bullshit on a truck helps the fuel mileage by a lot. And by the way it’s fuel not gas. My truck dynoed at 794hp with dual cp3s and all the other goodies. I’ve dumped thousands of dollars into my truck and thanks to efi live I can control the smoke 100%. I’ve tuned my truck to where it doesn’t just pour smoke out everytime I mash the pedal. Don’t get me wrong though,if somebody is riding my bumper or somethin stupid like that I’m gonna cover their ass up but I’m not one of the blow smoke on every Prius I see. People just need to get their facts straight on the diesel thing before they blow the Internet up about it.

  27. its funny that all these people quote against the law and want local authorities to deal with it yet we have Illegal aliens coming in to the states, I.e. breaking the law yet they want the states authorities to do nothing….hrm thats logical

  28. Don’t buy a DPF equipped engine if you want to do anything with it. Utterly Horrible – can’t shut the engine off, regeneration will yield it “broken” for hours ( a broken down maintenance schedule? ) – oh btw; it can’t be scheduled it just “breaks” whenever it says so. Regeneration fail – repairs, repairs, repairs ( $$$ ). Getting nothing done – I’ve seen cars in the junk yard that get more done that these piles of crap.

  29. Your kidneys excrete it. Just like vinegar. If you ate or drank some it wouldn’t hurt you. It’s actually fed to cattle to help maintain their ruminal flora.


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