Today’s Headlines

  • Does Cantor’s Loss Make Transportation Compromise Even More Remote? (GGW)
  • Officials From Large Urban Counties Press Congress to Fund Transportation (MarketWatch)
  • Will a New Data-Driven, Luxury Bus Service Solve Boston’s Transit Problems? (Gizmodo)
  • Turning One-Way Streets Into Two-Way Streets Improves Everything (Planetizen)
  • Despite Attacks From Cities, Uber May Make the Private Car Obsolete (NYT)
  • Driverless Cars Could Reduce Urban Traffic by 80 Percent (GovTech)
  • Tear Up Park-and-Ride Lots: A Case Study From Calgary (CityLab)
  • The Structure of the Property Tax Is Hurting Our Downtowns (Sightline)
  • How Does Japanese Rail Survive Without Subsidies? (Economist)