Today’s Headlines

  • Sao Paulo Transit Workers Go on Strike a Week Before World Cup (SI Wire)
  • Senate Finance Committee Plans to Pass Transpo Funding Plan By July 4… (BNA)
  • … While Tussling Over Tax Reform (The Hill)
  • Senate Transpo Budget Includes Amendment to Suspend Rule on Truckers’ Sleep (Overdrive)
  • WaPo: Congress at a Low Point With Transportation Funding Dysfunction
  • LaHood Scores Another Consultancy Gig, This Time With Caterpillar (Daily Journal)
  • In Wisconsin, Tolls Get Public Acceptance Where Taxes Don’t (Cap Times)
  • Dallas Police Are Using Helmet Law to Harass People of Color (Morning News)
  • To Take Advantage of Downtown Population Bump, Hartford Needs to Get Rid of Some Parking (TSTC)
  • America’s Love Affair With the Automobile Is on the Rocks (AP)
  • A 7-Part Plan to Make Transit Financially Sustainable (CityLab)

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