Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Team Drawing Up a Specific Transportation Bill Proposal (The Hill)
  • EPA Chief on the Road This Week to Promote Climate Action Plan (EHS Today)
  • WaPo: What Price Will Riders Pay for Metro’s Mess?
  • Beth Osborne: Focus Transpo Resources on Local Communities (Atlantic Cities)
  • Across the Country, Transit Agencies Shift Away from Diesel (Governing)
  • How to Calculate “Right Size Parking” (GCN)
  • Vox Explains the Deal With Streetcars
  • Local Sales Tax Might Fund BRT in Georgia (Marietta Daily Journal)
  • Bike League Names Bike-Friendly Businesses
  • How the Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory Is Holding Back Cities (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Is Vegas on Its Way to Controlling Sprawl? (Vegas Seven)

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