Today’s Headlines

  • Charging the Right Price for Parking Can Bring Big Benefits (Atlantic Cities)
  • Nashville Mayor Considers Watering Down BRT Project (Nashville Scene)
  • Why Is DC’s Bike-share Thriving as NYC’s Struggles Financially? (WaPo)
  • Maybe the New Orleans-Baton Rouge Train Doesn’t Need to be High-Speed (Progressive Railroading)
  • Idea for Chicago Transit Superagency Faces Obstacles (Chicago Trib)
  • WaPo: D.C. Metro Needs to Take Federal Sanction Seriously
  • AARP¬†Endorses Safe Streets Act
  • How Did Miami’s Vintage Trolleys Lead to a Civil Rights Complaint? (WLRN)
  • Pittsburgh Aims for First Protected Bike Lane Downtown (Post-Gazette)