Today’s Headlines

  • Liberal Think Tank Criticizes Attempt to Kill Federal Gas Tax (The Hill)
  • Biden Talks Infrastructure in Granite City (AP)
  • Key Supporter Flip Flops on California High-Speed Rail (SF Chron)
  • Tampa Transit Campaign Leader Resigns Under Tea Party Pressure (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Dedicated Lanes Helped Pre-War Streetcar Lines Survive (Next City)
  • Three New Jersey Cities Plan for Bike-Sharing (CBS NY)
  • Atlantic Cities: Urban Freeways Aren’t Going Anywhere
  • Houston Rail Line Surpasses Ridership Expectations By 62% (Metro Mag)
  • CTfasttrak Busway Project Is on Time, on Budget (New Britain Herald)
  • Tuscon Streetcar Needs Exception From Feds to Start Running This Summer (AZ Star)
  • Armed With Grant, Andres Duany Seeks “Lean Urbanism” (Miami Herald)

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  1. Ok, you lost me…changing the name is an improvement? Or is the streetcar an improvement? I was just criticizing how the name was spelled incorrectly. That was all.

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