Today’s Headlines

  • CNU Picks 2014 “Freeways Without Futures”
  • Even After Committee Chair Dismissed Idea, Rep. Petri Pushes For Gas Tax Hike (The Hill)
  • Center for American Progress Warns of Need for Climate-Resilient Infrastructure
  • Pennsylvania Transpo Bill Will Fund Repairs — And Expanding Roads (WNEP)
  • Atlanta Tries to Be More Prepared This Time Around (The Hill)
  • More States Consider Tax on Alternative Fuel Vehicles (WLTX)
  • A Look Inside Ann Arbor’s Large-Scale Pilot With Connected Vehicle Technology (Atlantic Cities)
  • Canada Is a Sprawling Nation Too, With Equally Crappy Environmental Results (The Link)
  • Don’t You Think Has a Nice Ring to It? We Could Do It (Grist)