Today’s Headlines

  • Transit-Free Tappan Zee Bridge Awarded Largest TIFIA Loan in History (WSJ)
  • Newest U.S. Senator, Newark’s Cory Booker, Joins Two Key Transpo Committees (The Hill, EPW)
  • You Really Thought This Congress Was Going to Agree to a Grand Bargain on the Budget? (WaPo)
  • U.S. Treasury Lost $10 Billion on Auto Bailout (Motley Fool)
  • Wherever You Are on the Political Spectrum, You Can Become a Radical Bike Nut (
  • Atlantic Cities: Take Bike-Share Seriously as Transit
  • Looks Like the U.S. Will Skip Over High-Speed Rail and Go Straight to Hyperloop (NBC, Archinect)
  • Invisible Cyclist Blog Resurrects to Bring Equity Focus to Bike Movement