Today’s Headlines

  • $170 Million Later, the Columbia River Crossing Is Dead (Bike PortlandColumbian)
  • Washington State Legislature Also Skips Vote on 10.5-cent Gas Tax (AP)
  • BART Normally Carries 400,000 Commuters a Day. Today It’ll Carry Zero. (CBS)
  • Villaraigosa’s Legacy in LA: A City With Real Transpo Mojo (Governing)
  • Even Ed Rendell Couldn’t Convince PA Dems to Pass a Transit-Lite Transpo Bill (Patriot-News)
  • Despite Chronically Broken Escalators and Weekend Track Work, DC Still Likes Metro (WaPo)
  • California “Swap” Means Gas Tax Rises Today Because Sales Tax Dropped in 2010 (KVPR)
  • NY Times Wonders if “Automobility” Is Dying Out
  • Toyota Reads the Tea Leaves, Starts Making High-End Bikes (AP)
  • Todd Litman Blows a Hole in Wendell Cox’s Tired Anti-Smart Growth Rhetoric (Planetizen)
  • The Millennial Train Project Nears Funding Goal to Take Youth on Cross-Country Train Trip

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