Today’s Headlines

  • Congress Tees Up Rail Fight With PRIIA Reauthorization (The Hill)
  • I-5 Bridge “Wake-Up Call” Rings in $5.5 Billion Bridge Fix Bill (Land Line)
  • …But What About Spending the Money We Have More Wisely? (Better! Cities & Towns)
  • To Pay for Roads, New Jersey Considers Corporate Sponsorship (NorthJersey)
  • If California Wants to Reduce Oil Dependency, It Has to Change Its Parking Policy (Streetsblog LA)
  • VA Gov. Race: Republican Candidate Doesn’t Want Silver Line, Dem Doesn’t Know Where It Is (GGW)
  • Former CaBi Workers Say They’re Owed Money (WNYC), Alta Responds (Bike Portland)
  • A Photo Essay of the Pacific Northwest’s Ugly Parking and the Beauty It Displaces (Sightline)
  • Free-Flowing Traffic or Livability: Which Will It Be, DC Overlords? (GGW)
  • The Economist Floats the Idea of Free Buses
  • How Far Is Too Far to Walk? It Depends. (Strong Towns)

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