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No one can deny the tides are turning when it comes to how people in this country get around. While the majority still drive everywhere, they number fewer every day, with more people joining the ranks of the straphangers, bicyclists, and walkers. This country is waking up to what we can gain by investing in healthy, sustainable transportation and vibrant urban development.

Federal transportation officials recognize this and are trying to re-think the country’s transportation networks to fit the future, not the auto-centric past. But Congress is still writing blank checks to states, which spend the money without regard for key national priorities.

We hold state and federal officials accountable by keeping a tight focus on how transportation decisions either add transportation choices or allow sprawl to metastasize, reduce carbon emissions or contribute to the obesity epidemic, create public space or choke our cities with automobile traffic. No other media outlet does what Streetsblog does — and today, we’re asking you to give us your support.

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