Today’s Headlines

  • California Farmers Settle in High-Speed Rail Case (Reuters), But More Delays Could Be Ahead (WaPo)
  • CDC: 47,000 Pedestrian Deaths Between 2001 and 2010 (Atlantic Cities)
  • Metro Detroit Tops Nation in Job Sprawl (MLiveYahoo)
  • Cost of Car Ownership Rose by 2 Percent Last Year (Next City)
  • In Minnesota, Lots of Debate Over How to Fund Transpo (Post Review)
  • Transit Advocates Rally in Pittsburgh (Post-Gazette)
  • Sound Transit Promotes Biking to Train/Bus Stops (Seattle Times)
  • Bike League Sets Challenge: 50,000 Cyclists Logging 20M Miles
  • Jeff Tumlin’s Tips on How Cities Can Make Their Transpo Systems More Sustainable (RPUS)