Today’s Headlines

  • Florida Looks at Bike Safety Problems as Summit Takes Place (Tampa Bay TimesNews Press)
  • NRDC Switchboard: The Biggest Sprawl Isn’t Necessarily Where You’d Expect
  • California Governor Rides China Bullet Chain, Looking for Inspiration and Investors (LATAP)
  • Truck Industry Heaps Scorn on Obama’s Budget (FleetOwner)
  • Reconciliation Could Be Possible on Massachusetts Transpo Funding (Boston Globe, AP)
  • Maryland Looks for Private Funds for D.C. Purple Line, Baltimore Red Line (WaPo)
  • It’s “Walk to Work Day” in San Fran (Streetsblog SF)
  • Should the Public or Private Sector Run DC’s Streetcar? (GGW)
  • Which Cycling Project Is Most Visionary? (Atlantic Cities)