Today’s Headlines

  • WaPo Deems Maryland Gas Tax Hike a Victory
  • San Diego’s Omission From High-Speed Rail Is “Deja Vu” (UrbDeZine San Diego)
  • Daily Beast Looks at Trends of “Aspirational Cities” in the Sun Belt and Great Plains
  • Why Are Republican Governors Signing Off on Gas Tax Hikes? (Examiner)
  • Nice Ride Minnesota Beefs Up Bike-Sharing Presence (Star Tribune)
  • Northeast High-Speed Rail Plan Could Extend New England Links (CT Post)
  • What Should Planners Do with “Dead Malls”? (Tennessean)
  • After 10 Years, Bus Rapid Transit Gets Moving in Grand Rapids (MLive)
  • Nashville Planning Org Sets “the Gold Standard” (MTR)