Today’s Headlines

  • Longtime Backers of California High-Speed Rail Raise Legal Objections (LAT)
  • Would the Maryland Gas Tax Go to Transit or Roads? (Examiner)
  • WSJ: “Welcome to the Revival of the Railway Age”
  • Rep. LaTourette: Miles-Traveled Tax Could Happen “Tomorrow” (Bloomberg)
  • NOLA Transit Strives for Accord With Civil Rights Act (
  • Denver Sees Transit-Oriented Development After Decades of Sprawl (Atlantic Cities)
  • Tampa Mayor Takes Strong Stand on Transpo Needs (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Oregon Bill Would Let Gas Tax, Car Fees Go to Biking, Walking, Transit (Bike Portland)
  • Wheels Are Turning for Bay-Area Bike-share (Next City)
  • Omaha Mayor Hopefuls Talk Bike Lanes and Sprawl (
  • In Germany, an Experiment With Wireless Charging for Electric Buses (Treehugger)

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