Today’s Headlines

  • Obama’s EPA Pick Has Smart Growth Roots (Atlantic Cities)
  • Bike League Says Capitol Hill “Already Gets It” With Cycling
  • …While Bike Portland Looks at How the Bike Industry Can Wield More Influence
  • Raising the Gas Tax: Everybody’s Doing It (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Does Modern-Day Urbanism = Trickle Down Economics? (Chicago MagUrbanophile)
  • Transpo Funding: Maryland vs. Virginia (GGW)
  • Baltimore Sun Calls Maryland Solution “Better Than Expected”
  • Dallas and Forth Worth May Get Stronger Connections (Star-Telegram)
  • D.C. Considers Scrapping Parking Minimums (Transpo Nation)
  • How High-Speed Rail Could Help With Overnight Deliveries (Good)

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