Today’s Headlines

  • VA Legislature Green-Lights McDonnell’s Wacko Transpo Plan… (WaPo)
  • …Which Will Actually Save Drivers Money at the Pump (ABC)
  • LaHood Warns of Sequester Consequences to Air Travel, McCain “Shames” Him (NBCWaPo)
  • Gas Tax Hike 6 to 14 Times More Effective Than CAFE Standards (Forbes, WaPo)
  • California HSR Opponents Drop Lawsuit (ABC)
  • Rural Pennsylvanians Lament Possible Loss of Amtrak Service (Altoona Mirror)
  • Austin Transit Plans Aren’t Dead Yet (Statesman)
  • French Show That High-Speed Trains Aren’t Just For the Riches (Transport Politic)
  • Cyclists Annoy Drivers Because They Don’t Obey the Same “Moral Order” (BBC)