Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Chides Republicans For Blocking Infrastructure Investment
  • Maybe the Auto Bailout Didn’t Win Obama the Election After All (WaPo)
  • Shuster‘s “All-of-the-Above” Strategy For Transpo Funding (Patriot-News)
  • Mica Insists on Light Rail Extension to LAX (KPCC)
  • Michael Dukakis Recalls the Massachusetts Ban on Highway Building, Suggests an Encore (Globe)
  • If Only CA’s Rail Plan Were Moving Ahead as Smoothly as This Private One in Florida (Sun-Sentinel)
  • Strib: Time For Minneapolis to Get With the Program, Accelerate Transit
  • Bike Ridership Explodes in DC, But Most Cyclists Are Still Dudes (WTOP)
  • Why the Transit Commuter Next to You Is Disproportionately Likely to Be Female (Transpo Nation)
  • A Grad Student’s Plea For Value Capture to Fund Chicago Transit (Triple Pundit)
  • Pennsylvania Transpo Plan Shouldn’t Try to Choose Between Highways and Transit (Times-Tribune)
  • Welcome, Cyclists: Michigan Gives Generous Highway Space to Bikes (BikePortland)

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