Today’s Headlines

  • Here’s Another Obama Infrastructure Proposal For Republicans to Shoot Down (TID)
  • In Pedestrian Crash Deaths, Blame Belongs to Street Design (WaPo/GGW)
  • AFL-CIO’s Wytkind Hopes Shuster Will Soften His Stance on Amtrak (The Hill)
  • Over 2.4 Million Pounds of CO2 Per Second — We’re Looking at You, China (AP)
  • Private Infrastructure Investors Look to the U.S. (Reuters)
  • Gov. Snyder Could End Decades of Angst and Inaction on Regional Transit in Detroit (Freep)
  • Washington Post Weighs In In Favor of Virginia’s Gas Tax Proposal
  • Boston Bike-Share System Looks to Winterize — But Not in Time For This Year (Globe)
  • How Many More Sons and Daughters Will Indianapolis Lose to Transit-Rich Cities? (Star)
  • Even Enviros Have Turned Against France-Italy High-Speed Rail Link (AFP)

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