Today’s Headlines

  • Next DOT Secretary Should Have Technical Expertise, Not Just Political Cred (Bloomberg)
  • The Committee Bill Shuster Wants to Lead Is Very Different From the One His Father Left (Morning Call)
  • Fox: Infrastructure Spending Is Just a “Pat on the Back” for Unions (Media Matters)
  • CBO Struggles to Make Carbon Tax More Progressive (Forbes)
  • Judge Rules California HSR Can Go Forward (AP)
  • Nation’s Longest Road Project Flounders For Lack of Money (Courier Press)
  • Virginia State Senator Proposes Eliminating Fuel’s Sales Tax Exemption (WaPo)
  • Massachusetts, Wisconsin Also Considering Raising the Gas Tax (GlobeJournal-Sentinel)
  • Oklahoma General Contractors Want a Solution to Electric Vehicles’ Fuel Tax Evasion (Oklahoman)