Today’s Headlines

  • New Urbanism Guru Andres Duany Predicts a More Neighborly Future (USA Today)
  • LaHood Poised to Make Transit Announcement in St. Cloud (SC Times)
  • Why Do Riders Prefer a Slow Subway Ride to Commuter Rail? (Pedestrian Observations)
  • Bike League Launches “Women Bike”
  • Mass DOT Contracts for Design of Medford Light Rail (Railway Age)
  • Virginia Gets $52M Bonus Transpo Funds, Most Going to Roads (AP)
  • Study: 10 Percent Smart Growth Increase = 20 Percent Car Mile Decrease (
  • MD Planning Officials Oppose Frederick’s Vision of Sprawl (AP)
  • How to Sell Walkability: Show That It Pays (Atlantic Cities)