Today’s Headlines

  • If the Democrats Are the Party of Cities, Why Don’t They Ever Talk About It? (Salon)
  • Narrow Sidewalks Cause Fights: How the Built Environment Affects Crime and Safety (WaPo)
  • Other States Could Copy Texas’ 85-MPH Speed Limit to Raise Toll Revenues (USA Today)
  • Raquel Nelson Loses Appeal; Next Step: Georgia Supreme Court (AP)
  • Design Downtowns For Families (HuffPo)
  • Border-State Infrastructure Suffers Under Two-Year Transpo Bill (San Antonio Express News)
  • Looks Like Charlotte Needed More Than Bike Buses to Provide Adequate Transpo For DNC (Observer)
  • TSTC: More Communities Should Take Advantage of NJDOT’s Bike/Ped Expertise
  • Sunday’s Fact of the Day: Light Rail and Trolleys Are Making a Comeback (Face the Facts USA)
  • Why the Criticism of “Shovel-Ready” Projects in the Stimulus? (WaPo)
  • Op-Ed: Manage Transpo Through Independent Commissions Like Any Other Public Utility (Philly Inquirer)
  • One Person’s Ax to Grind Against “Lycra Louts” and Thuggish Terrorists on Bikes (Daily Mail)

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