Today’s Headlines

  • More Development in Walkable Urban Neighborhoods Benefits Everybody (GGW)
  • Clinton Makes It Simple: Fuel Efficiency Saves You Money (The Hill)
  • More About Chicago’s New Pedestrian Safety Plan (Tribune)
  • … But Chicago’s Got Nothing on Florianópolis, Brazil’s Hilarious Ped Initiative (VIDEO) (Atlantic Cities)
  • A Tax to Fund Transit Won’t Kill As Many Jobs As No Tax to Fund Transit (HuffPo)
  • To End Congestion, Stop Driving Like an Idiot (Toronto Star, via Atlantic Cities)
  • Would Driverless Cars Clear the Way For Better Bike Infrastructure? (Bacon’s Rebellion)
  • Bitter Irony: Freight Rail Expansion Fueled By Expanded Oil Exploration (UPI)
  • What Really Makes a City Resilient to Disasters? (Atlantic Cities)