Today’s Headlines

  • Judge: Wisconsin Violated Civil Rights By Favoring Road-Building Over Transit (Journal Sentinel)
  • LA Mayor Villaraigosa Wants to Continue Transit Tax Until 2069 (Transport Politic)
  • Penn Designers Recommend HSR Tunnel Under Long Island Sound (Hartford Courant)
  • Car-Saturated Mexico City Turns to Bike-Share (ZeeNews)
  • Despite T-SPLOST Defeat, Transit Governance Reform Can Go Forward (Creative Loafing)
  • Extremist Republican Transpo Platform Doesn’t Matter (TID)
  • Facebook Spurns Urbanity In Self-Contained Bubble HQ (New Republic)
  • If Bike-Share Can Succeed in Fairbanks, Alaska (Average Temp: 27F) It Can Succeed Anywhere (WJTV)
  • BRT As a Band-Aid When a Suture Is Needed (Atlantic Cities)
  • The Safer You Make the Roadway, the More Unsafely People Drive (Ped Observations)

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  1. Fairbanks is relatively flat and dry—and also has a nice network of separated bike lanes. Seattle, by contrast, has steep hills and and can rain for weeks at a time. On top of that, the bike network consists mostly of shared roadways with sharrows.

    In my opinion, the challenges of a shared bike program in Fairbanks pale in comparison to the challenges of a shared bike program in Seattle.

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