Today’s Headlines

  • Transpo Bill Deal Could Be Near, With Student Loan Rates Now in the Mix (Reuters, Bloomberg)
  • One Dem Conferee Threatens Not to Sign On in Protest of GOP Tactics (Hill)
  • Brookings Institution’s Robert Puentes Wants a Deal Done, Still Expects Extension
  • First Sustainability Report From Northeast Ohio Org. Shows Costs of Sprawl (Plain Dealer)
  • Still Think Gas Prices Are High? (DailyFinance)
  • Romney Backer Agrees New Gas Tax Revenues Needed for Transpo Investments (ThinkProgress)
  • The Complicated Relationship Between Vehicle Miles Traveled and Growth (
  • Canada: Toronto’s Ambitious Transit Plan (Star) Walks a Trail Blazed by Vancouver (Grist)
  • Infographic: The Many Benefits of Transit (CreditDonkey via SFgate)