Today’s Headlines

  • Eno Center for Transpo’s Joshua Schank Has Four Ideas for Greater Federal Involvement
  • State Transpo Officials Are Getting Impatient With Lack of Transpo Bill (Hill)
  • While Illinois Hits Its Borrowing Cap (AP/CBS), Vermont Spending Hits Record High (VPR)
  • Baucus: It’ll Be a While Before the Next Five-Year Reauthorization (TranspoNation)
  • Feds Shut Down 26 Curbside Intercity Bus Lines; LaHood Calls It “Just the Beginning” (WTOP)
  • Is San Francisco Magazine’s Bicyclist Survey Entrapment? (Cyclelicious)
  • A Recap of the Good and Bad News From This Year’s Bike-Friendliness Rankings (LAB)
  • Parking Cash-Out Is Not a New Idea, But Bicycle Valet Parking Might Be (EcoMan)