Today’s Headlines

  • Five Things to Watch For in Conference Meeting Today (Politico)
  • Rs and Ds Could Both Benefit From Keystone Passage — Except Leaders (National Journal)
  • High Ridership and Gas Prices Don’t Save Transit Agencies From Deep Cuts (Transport Politic)
  • Drilling and Regulations Won’t Impact Gas Prices (News9)
  • “We’ve Never Had a Drop in Vehicle Miles Traveled Like This” (Business Insider)
  • NYC Announces Citi Bike (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Chicago Freight Congestion Is America’s Speed Bump (NYT)
  • Will BoltBus Dominate Pacific Travel? (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • “Dickens Would Have Been Surprised at How Long It Has Taken LA to Build Its Rail System” (LAT)
  • You’ll Be Sitting in Traffic With a Bunch of Robots (Forbes)
  • Miss the Days When Men Wore Hats? Blame the Automobile. (NPR)
  • Kids That Get Driven Everywhere Can’t Find Their Own Way (Atlantic Cities)

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