Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Ridership Continues to Set Growth Records (Transpo Nation)
  • Buffalo Congressman Brian Higgins to Propose $1.3T (!) Infrastructure Bill (BuffaloNews)
  • Don’t Forget Freight! Truck Delays Cost U.S. $33B Last Year (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • Some Aspen City Council Members Are Against Biking-on-Sidewalk Fines (Aspen Times)
  • Changes to California HSR Plan Leave One Supporter at the Station (LA Times)
  • Private Passenger Rail in Florida Faces Tough Questions, Few Answers (Sun Sentinel)
  • Wondering Why Conservatives Hate Mass Transit? Here Are Four Reasons. (Care2)
  • Reason Foundation Thinks NY Times’ Smart Growth Debate is One-Sided
  • Creative Class Guru Richard Florida Sees a Cultural Shift Away From Cars Among the Young