Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Ridership Continues to Set Growth Records (Transpo Nation)
  • Buffalo Congressman Brian Higgins to Propose $1.3T (!) Infrastructure Bill (BuffaloNews)
  • Don’t Forget Freight! Truck Delays Cost U.S. $33B Last Year (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • Some Aspen City Council Members Are Against Biking-on-Sidewalk Fines (Aspen Times)
  • Changes to California HSR Plan Leave One Supporter at the Station (LA Times)
  • Private Passenger Rail in Florida Faces Tough Questions, Few Answers (Sun Sentinel)
  • Wondering Why Conservatives Hate Mass Transit? Here Are Four Reasons. (Care2)
  • Reason Foundation Thinks NY Times’ Smart Growth Debate is One-Sided
  • Creative Class Guru Richard Florida Sees a Cultural Shift Away From Cars Among the Young
  • Kenney

    I can’t stand the Reason Foundation’s simplistic and ideologically loaded snark when talking about smart growth, but at least they framed the issue better by asking “Is Smart Growth Good, Great or Terrific?”  The Times on the other hand perpetuates the tired tradition of using “New York” and “smart growth” as interchangeable terms by asking “Should Los Angeles New Yorkify?”  This tradition does a great disservice to the promotion of understanding about what smart growth is, and what its positive applications are to the unique circumstances of the city/region in question.  But I’m just nitpicking =)

  • Glad to see some guy doesn’t have his head burried in the sand of debt means can’t do anything!