Today’s Headlines

  • Rep. LaTourette, Boehner’s Centrist Friend, Holds Key to Transportation Bill (Hill)
  • Santorum Blames High Gas Prices for the Recession. Is He Right? (WaPo)
  • Whoever ‘Shafted Mass Transit,’ Can You Help Revive a Transpo Bill? (WaPo)
  • Out of Reach: How Sprawl Jacks Up the Price of ‘Affordable’ Housing (Grist)
  • …And Causes Increased Pollution (CityPaper)
  • MD Governor Needs to Make His Case for Higher Gas Tax to Fund Roads (WaPo)
  • LaHood Again Delays Rule Requiring New Cars to Have Dashboard Reverse Cameras (USAToday)
  • Utah Eliminating Driver’s Ed for Anyone Over 19 (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • 1940s Bike Safety Education Pamphlet Is Shocking Today for the Wrong Reasons (Treehugger)