Today’s Headlines

  • Congress in Recess But Chamber of Commerce Still Campaigning for Transportation (Hill)
  • The Transit Tax Break, Victim of Partisan Gridlock (TranspoNation, Telegram)
  • Congress “Bumper-to-Bumper” on a Transportation Bill (Austin Statesman)
  • Tracing Politicians’ Positions on Transportation Funding to Campaign Contributions (MoneyLight)
  • Medical Researcher Wants to Remind Policymakers: Transportation Is a Health Issue (UTSD)
  • The New ‘Arms Race’ for Carmakers? Internet Browsing at 70 MPH (Mercury)
  • California Transportation Agencies Ready to Spend HSR Money Now (LATimes)
  • Code for America’s Vision for Running Local Governments 2.0 (Shareable)
  • Meet Janis Scott, “Houston’s Bus Lady,” Fighting Hard for Her Transit (Chronicle)
  • Capturing the Beauty of StrangersInTransit (Montreal-Gazette)

Streetsblog will be on a light publishing schedule today.