Today’s Headlines

  • Finance Committee Finds $9.6 Billion for Senate Transportation Bill (Hill)
  • House Transportation Bill Emerges From a Beating in Committee (WaPo)
  • GOP Transportation Bill Lurches Forward, But Where’s the Money? (Politico)
  • Angry About the House Transportation Bill? T4America Wants You!
  • Should It Take Decades to Build a Subway? How to Fix Our Transit System (Salon)
  • GOP Plan to Cut Reagan’s Penny for Transit Angers New Jersey (Star-Ledger, Hudson Reporter)
  • Walking Is Less Risky These Days In Australia (Lifehacker)
  • Pittsburgh, Like Many American ‘Shrinking’ Cities, Is Actually Expanding (Switchboard)
  • Congestion Charge Leads to 37% Decrease in Air Pollution Over Milan, Italy in 2 Days (Treehugger)
  • Survey Says: 60% of Americans Want Walkability Over a Big House (Good)
  • HDub

    I think that should read $9.6 billion…

  • Tom

    If water were the diminishing commodity and eventual threat to Sun Belt cities that Mr. Carter describes, there should be evidence already of municipalities restricting development by refusing to allow source-water hook-up’s(sustainability in doubt for existing users).  Can anyone enlighten us with examples?