Today’s Headlines

  • Both Chambers Agree to Conference Report on 2012 Budget For Transpo and 4 Other Agencies (WaPo)
  • BoxerHouse Dems Slam GOP Drill Bill; Even James Inhofe Knows It’s a Loser (EPW, The Hill)
  • OpenMarket: Oil Drilling Is Great, But Wouldn’t It Be Better Just to Kill Transit Funding?
  • Supercommittee is Floundering, And the Consequences of Failure Aren’t Immediate Enough (WaPo)
  • FTA Advises Transit Agencies to Prepare For Climate Change, Flooding (Transpo Nation)
  • Feds Give $112 Million For Energy Efficiency Improvements to Transit (Reuters)
  • The Sharrow Grows Up (Grist)
  • How LEED Certification Disincentivizes Landlords to Build Bike Rooms (NYT)
  • Sure, Suburbanization Sounded Great When You Lived in 19th Century London Slums (NatGeo)
  • Hybrid Cars Are 20% More Likely to Hit a Pedestrian (Auto News)
  • Achieving Goals of Fuel Efficiency and Lower VMT Leads to Disaster (Economist)
  • A New Car? That’ll Be Nearly Half Your Annual Family Income, Thanks. (Marketwatch)
  • “Scofflaw” Cyclists Are Compelled By Physics to Blow Through Stop Signs (TreeHugger)
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