Today’s Headlines

  • Senate to Vote on Infrastructure Bank Proposal This Week (Hill)
  • National Infrastructure Bank Would Tap Private Sector, Protect Taxpayers (SacBee)
  • Major Transportation Groups Unite for First Time in Support of Gas Tax (Politico)
  • With Eyes on Election, GOP Supports Paying for Roads With Drilling (National Journal)
  • Nearly 60% of Amtrak Riders Now Have Wi-Fi Access on the Train (WaPo)
  • Michigan Governor: Rail Service Is Vital, Should be Seamless With Canada (DFP, Detroit News)
  • Bus Rapid Transit Could Increase Ridership 30% in Twin Cities (MinnPost)
  • Georgia DOT to Kick-Start Plan to Build New, Multi-Modal Hub in Atlanta (AJC)
  • Chicago Transit Using Social Media to Update Users, Boost PR (Chicago Tribune)
  • Maryland Tolls Increase Statewide Today (WaPo)
  • Advances for Pittsburgh Cyclists But Dangers Still Keeps People From Riding (Transportation Nation)
  • Tom Murphy

    Link to TN is wrong.