Today’s Headlines

  • American Jobs Act to Get Carved Up Into Pieces: Tax Cuts Yes, Infrastructure Spending No (CSM)
  • CEOs Advise Obama to Keep the Infrastructure Bank and Transportation Spending (JOC)
  • Rep. Murphy Defends His Oil-Drilling-For-Infrastructure-Dollars Proposal (The Hill)
  • Wisconsin Republicans’ New Target: Smart Growth (WRN)
  • One Wisc. Town Takes It Further, Proposing to Ban Bikes and Cross Country Practice (Cyclelicious)
  • Blue Ribbon Commission to Suggest Maryland Raise Gas Tax, Stop Raiding Transpo Funds (Forbes)
  • Half of Section 8 Vouchers Are Used in Suburbs (Atlantic Cities)
  • The American “Not-T00-Bad” Commute Costs $125K OVer 10 Years (LifeHacker)
  • Unlocking the Secrets of China’s Bicycling Culture (Conversation)