Nice Try, GM

GM pulled its offensive ad that tried to depict biking as uncool in response to complaints from bicycling advocates, but they’re still running this ad, showing what a drag it can be as a pedestrian because cars will ruin your day. (Best just to get your own car and ruin someone else’s day.)

A GM spokesman said that they listened to the complaints they received about the bike ad and “there are changes underway.”

“The content of the ad was developed with college students and was meant to be a bit cheeky and humorous and not meant to offend anybody,” said Tom Henderson. “We respect bikers and many of us here are cyclists.”

But the hell with you, pedestrians! Sucks to be you, out on the street getting exercise and sunlight and not sitting in a two-ton steel bubble!

We renew our call for the GM marketing department to get with the program already.

  • Commenter 823

    Why are livable streets advocates trying to get GM to pull these ads?! The ads show exactly how dinosaurish and disconnected these guys are. Buy a car: So you can abuse pedestrians! Great!

    It’s basically free anti-autombile advertising from a company with a huge marketing budget. If anything you should be encouraging GM to get this out to more college campuses.

  • I think the ads is full of creative idea, I think advertiser should pay more attention to how to make  the ads looks more attractive and full of imagination so that we will never feel it is boring to watch the advertisements. Actually, Ads is a artist.

  • This ad is great. It shows drivers being dicks to pedestrians, which is a common occurrence. The smug woman laughing at the cyclist gave a pretty good idea of the kind of company GM is as well.

  • Fishskinner

    With this type of brilliant leadership, I wonder how they went bankrupt a couple of years ago?

  • Anonymous

    Commenter923 is right. I wasn’t so much offended as stunned at how clueless the supposedly “New GM” marketing is. Since GM is essentially owned by the U.S. taxpayers, I’d suggest doing what I did: write GM CEO Dan Akerson a letter demanding the dismissal of GM’s global chief marketing officer, Joel Ewanick.

  • Tsamm

    stop bike and start driving = stop exercising and get fat

    gm wants you to be a fat tard…you too can look like the people who work there. 

    stupid…trying to degrade cycling….trying too make it look ‘low class’ 

    people sh!t their pants when i tell them i have 7 bikes cheapest one being 4 grand and 12 grand for the most expensive…and i have a car, not a gm though.

  • Your marketing department is doing its job if it’s depicting alternatives as being uncool, unworkable or simply less pleasant. I’ve seen advertising from transit agencies that depict driving as “naughty” and taking transit as “nice.”

    Countering the promotion with good arguments about how driving isn’t that great and how riding the bus/walking/bike riding isn’t as bad as they depict is great, but calling is offensive gets a big “WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” GM should continue with the ads as it sees fit.

    Instead of complaining, I’d create a commercial in which daddy’s jailbait daughter hops into her brand new Lexus a day after her sixteenth birthday and cut to the next scene in which her scalp is dangling from the overhead mirror.

    FORD: Perfect for daddy’s little girl.

  • They took the anti-ped image off of the campaign website sometime late on Thursday.

  • I will not believe they are cyclists until they produce an electric car that has a built on bike rack with a storage area for your helmet and gloves. Until then, they are just cagers. 


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