Today’s Headlines

  • After Obama’s Speech, Mica Confirms Support For “One Additional” Transpo Extension (The Hill, T4A)
  • Here We Go Again: Obama Directs Agencies To Identify Shovel-Ready Projects (JOC, Sun-Times)
  • Fox Previews Gas Tax Fight With Misleading Comment About Obama’s Speech (WaPo)
  • Oil Drilling Is Up 60% Under Obama, But It Doesn’t Seem to Be Lowering Gas Prices (WaPo)
  • Denver Rail Gets $1 Billion in Federal Money, Still $2 Billion Short (ABC)
  • How the Tea Party Overreached With Local Effort to Remove Parking Meters (Mayor of Ventura)
  • And That’s Not All: Tea Party Also Targets Smart Growth, Planning Commissions (Grist)
  • Puerto Rico Presents a Case Study in Induced Automobile Demand (Yglesias)
  • Smart Growth Experts Brainstorm How to Handle Depopulated Exurbs (NY Academy of Sciences)