Today’s Headlines

  • As Construction Costs Rise, Bicycling Infrastructure Becomes Even More Cost Effective (LAB)
  • DOT Marks $745 Million for Northeast Rail Corridor Targeted by GOP (TheHill)
  • Red Light Cameras in NYC Receive Support From City Council and Mayor Bloomberg (TranspoNation)
  • When Conservatives Fight the Free Market: Congestion Pricing, the Swedish Example (ThinkProgress)
  • Rhode Island Pushes to Convert Interstate 95 to Toll Road (WTNH)
  • Trains Are Nicer Than Buses and Other Reasons Amtrak Isn’t Cheaper in the Northeast (GGW)
  • Understanding Rick Perry’s Urban Policy Through His Legacy of Big Texas Cities (Forbes)
  • Simple Urban Design: Make Cities So Kids Can Safely Buy Popsicles (NRDC)
  • The Future of the World’s Cities With Two Billion Cars (WaPo)


Today’s Headlines

Congress Kicks the Can on Transpo Funding to July 31 (The Hill) Amtrak Required to Address Speed Concerns on Northeast Corridor (Progressive Railroading) Houston Debuts Two New Light Rail Lines (Chron) Western U.S. Has Seen Long-Term Rise in Urban Populations (WaPo) Will the Kansas City Streetcar Unite or Divide? (Next City) Car-Free Commuting Gets Simpler for DC […]

The National Review’s Imaginary Conspiracy Against Ohio Suburbs

It’s presidential election time in Ohio, and boy does Stanley Kurtz at the National Review have a scoop for the good, unsuspecting citizens of the Buckeye State. Northeast Ohio political leaders and President Obama are working on a sinister plot to redistribute wealth from suburbs and give it to cities!! (Socialism!) Kurtz has found a bogeyman […]

Comparing the Price of Parking Across U.S. Cities

This article was cross-posted from City Observatory.  How much does it cost to park a car in different cities around the nation? Today, we’re presenting some new data on a surprisingly under-measured aspect of cities and the cost of living: how much it costs to park a car in different cities. There are regular comparisons of […]

Columbus, Ohio, Wants In on the Midwest Rail Renaissance

Columbus, Ohio, population 800,000, is among the biggest U.S. cities without passenger rail. But its time may have finally come. A college town and state capital, Columbus has bucked the trend of urban decline in Ohio and built a strong economy on insurance and retail. The culture here has been famously resistant to rail plans, but it’s […]

How Do "Best Cities for Families" Rankings Get It So Wrong?

City rankings that purport to reveal the best place to raise a family are ubiquitous. Where I live, in northeast Ohio, it’s the homogeneous, sprawling suburbs that tend to be very proud of their positions on these lists. Bradley Calvert at Family Friendly Cities examined the key criteria used by Apartment List to develop its “best […]