Today’s Headlines

  • As Construction Costs Rise, Bicycling Infrastructure Becomes Even More Cost Effective (LAB)
  • DOT Marks $745 Million for Northeast Rail Corridor Targeted by GOP (TheHill)
  • Red Light Cameras in NYC Receive Support From City Council and Mayor Bloomberg (TranspoNation)
  • When Conservatives Fight the Free Market: Congestion Pricing, the Swedish Example (ThinkProgress)
  • Rhode Island Pushes to Convert Interstate 95 to Toll Road (WTNH)
  • Trains Are Nicer Than Buses and Other Reasons Amtrak Isn’t Cheaper in the Northeast (GGW)
  • Understanding Rick Perry’s Urban Policy Through His Legacy of Big Texas Cities (Forbes)
  • Simple Urban Design: Make Cities So Kids Can Safely Buy Popsicles (NRDC)
  • The Future of the World’s Cities With Two Billion Cars (WaPo)