Today’s Headlines

  • As Construction Costs Rise, Bicycling Infrastructure Becomes Even More Cost Effective (LAB)
  • DOT Marks $745 Million for Northeast Rail Corridor Targeted by GOP (TheHill)
  • Red Light Cameras in NYC Receive Support From City Council and Mayor Bloomberg (TranspoNation)
  • When Conservatives Fight the Free Market: Congestion Pricing, the Swedish Example (ThinkProgress)
  • Rhode Island Pushes to Convert Interstate 95 to Toll Road (WTNH)
  • Trains Are Nicer Than Buses and Other Reasons Amtrak Isn’t Cheaper in the Northeast (GGW)
  • Understanding Rick Perry’s Urban Policy Through His Legacy of Big Texas Cities (Forbes)
  • Simple Urban Design: Make Cities So Kids Can Safely Buy Popsicles (NRDC)
  • The Future of the World’s Cities With Two Billion Cars (WaPo)


What If We Paid the Full Cost of Driving?

Driving is too cheap in the United States. It’s a complicated thing to unpack, but David Levinson, engineering professor at the University of Minnesota and blogger at the Transportationist, attempted to analyze the cost per-minute. Levinson estimates that the true cost of driving — including vehicle purchase price, insurance, taxes, repairs, and costs like parking and […]

Car Ownership Cost Calculator

The Volvo has stolen $214,177.23 from our son’s college education.  Calculate how many grande latte’s you could be buying with the money you spent on that last muffler job: "The Real Costs of Car Ownership." 

Think Tank Responds to Report on Hidden Costs of Fossil Fuels: Yawn

The National Academy of Science’s new report on the hidden health costs of U.S. reliance on fossil fuels has generated high-profile media coverage around the country, most of it focusing on the $62 billion annual estimate for coal rather than the $56 billion projection for vehicles. (Photo: But Greenwire’s write-up is particularly interesting, if […]

The True Cost of Moving to Cheaper Suburban Housing

Today Streetsblog Network member The City Fix reports on the "cost of place" in the Washington, DC, area — the way that the price of housing and transportation stacks up for people in the urban core and the suburbs. According to a report recently released by the Urban Land Institute, Photo by ehpien via Flickr. […]