Today’s Headlines

  • To Understand the Debt Crisis, Just Look At Our Inability to Raise the Gas Tax (Infrastructurist)
  • In Remarks on S&P Downgrade, Obama Again Pushes For Infrastructure Bank (JOC)
  • Canada Struggles With Its Own Infrastructure Maintenance Backlog After Tunnel Collapse (CNews)
  • Hand-Drawn Infographic Shows How Bike Touring Benefits Rural Economies (Path Less Pedaled)
  • What’s the Role of Labor in the Transportation Debate? (National Journal)
  • Cobb County Just Gets Less and Less Transit-Friendly (AP)
  • Bogota Built Bike Lanes When It Had No Bike Commuters — And Now It Has 5% Mode Share (Streetfilms)
  • Is Sprawl the Real Reason Behind the Israel/Palestine Conflict? (Yglesias)
  • Immigrants and Low-Income People Migrating to the Suburbs (TNR)
  • If Any City Is Going to Do Bike-Share Right, It’s Portland. Here’s How (BikePortland)

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