Today’s Headlines

  • EPW to Introduce Two-Year Reauthorization Bill in July (JOCTranspo Issues Daily)
  • U.S. Et Al. to Release 60 Billion Barrels, Less Than One Day’s Supply, of Oil From Reserves (WaPo)
  • Bill to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving Introduced in Congress (Detroit Free Press)
  • Boehner Wants to Find Trillions in Savings With Tax Hikes “Off the Table” (WaPo)
  • No (Swedish) Government Bailout for Saab (NPR)
  • Proposal to Fund I-Bank With Overseas Tax Repatriation is Just Politics (Reuters)
  • Bill Ford: Too Many Cars on the Road Threaten Environment, Mobility (Ted)
  • Mineta Survey Offers Hints on How to Sell the Public on a Gas Tax Hike (PR Newswire)
  • Floridians Spoiling For a Fight Over Sunrail (Transportation Nation)
  • Metro Should Expand in the Urban Core, Not the Far-Flung Suburbs (GGW)
  • Emily Susko

    Loved the TED! Thanks for the link.