Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. Kirk Wants Privately Built Public Transportation Infrastructure (Chicago Trib)
  • Why Fewer Women On Bikes? It’s the Economy, Stupid (Grist)
  • NHTSA Administrator Determined to Curb Distracted Driving in the US (BeCarChic)
  • Texas Governor Vetos Ban on Driving While Texting (Dallas News)
  • Senator Schumer: Let’s Create a Report Card for Intercity Buses (TranspoNation]
  • Bipartisan Group of City Mayors: We Want High Speed Rail (Fast Lane, USMayors)
  • ASLA Video Promotes Innovative Use of Abandoned Transit Infrastructure (NRDC Blog)
  • Airlines Embrace Portland’s Pedal Palooza With ‘Bikes Fly Free’ (Bike Portland)
  • Texas Adopts Higher, Uniform Speeds for Cars and Trucks (Landline)