Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Calls on Congress to Take Up Transportation Bill (Governing)
  • Chaos on the Mississippi Threatens Oil Production (HuffPo)
  • More Americans Turning to Transit as Gas Prices Rise (CNN Money)
  • Dem Senators Rip ConocoPhillips CEO for Calling End to Oil Subsidies “Un-American” (Climate Progress)
  • Will the Debt Ceiling Debate Kill EPA Climate Regs? (The Hill)
  • Minnesota GOP Slashes Transit Funding (Star Tribune)
  • Terror Threat to Railroads Overrated (Miller-McCune)
  • Rep. Issa: Let’s Frack Our Way Out of High Gas Prices (Politico)
  • Has Obama’s Rail Plan Lived Up to the Hype? No, But… (Time)