Today’s Headlines

  • Obama: Don’t Expect a Silver Bullet to Bring Down Gas Prices (Politico)
  • Earth Day 2011: EPA Threatened Amidst Partisan Crossfire (SacBee)
  • How Climate Science Became the Target of a Smear Campaign (Mother Jones)
  • Groundbreaking SFpark Project Launches in San Francisco (Streetsblog SF)
  • Have a Crazy Uncle Who Despises Rail? CNN Explains Why
  • Study: Built Environment a Factor in Good Heart Health (Science Life)
  • Are Discount Buses Driving Amtrak Prices Down? (Transpo Nation)
  • Cycling Advocates Have Their Say After Call for Golden Gate Bridge Speed Limits (ABC)
  • Sec. LaHood Talks Car Pooling, Transit Funding, and Tired Truckers (FastLane)

Streetsblog Capitol Hill is taking the rest of the day off for Good Friday. See you Monday!